Our Chipotle Gift Set Includes Both of Our Chipotle Sauces, Smolderin' Chipotle and Fired-Up Chipotle. Plus 2 Other of our Hot Sauces.

Smolderin' Chipotle - We took our Award Winning Fired-Up Chipotle Sauce and toned down the heat a bit! It’s perfect for those looking for great flavor with a touch of heat! Just like the Original, it goes great on grilled steak, chicken, fish, soups or chili!

Fired-Up Chipotle - This is our signature sauce. It has a great smoky flavor with a really nice slow lingering heat to it. Not too hot...just right to put on most anything. Add it to your favorite condiments to give them a kick. Salsa, Queso, Ketchup, Ranch Dressing, etc. It goes great with poultry, seafood, tacos, and more...

Plus 1 Each of Our Mustard and Peach Hot Sauces!

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